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Welcome to my blog on all media relatively clean and bold. A few years ago I started getting discouraged while reading. I'd open a novel up, and the f-bomb would be dropped in the first line. I'd get a few pages into another book and find it pushing some agenda regarding sex to kids. On the other hand, while I quite enjoy a good Hallmark show, I also do enjoy a story that has an exciting storyline, approaches hot-button issues, or delves into gritty/dark matters.

So, that's why I decided to fight for and find more "clean" literature. The books, shows, and movies I recommend may not always be free of violence, swearing, innuendos, but they will include wholesome themes and messages about family, living, and being a good person. I'll also include a rating system, so you can know what level of violence, sex, language, etc. to expect.

(The H stands for "heavy".)

Beyond book and movie recs, you'll find other great info:

Great Indie book companies that focus on clean or interesting lit. Discussions on the impacts of media now and in the past. Interesting author events to participate in with your family. And whatever I might feel like discussing (haha)!


Comment below on what kind of article topics you'd like to see or any great media suggestions you have.

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