10 Coronavirus or COVID Relevant Fiction Books

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Okay, I know, we are months into COVID-19, and it seems crazy to think that there are already books on the market involving the coronavirus: someone’s struggle dealing with it, difficult romances, or contemporary problems. But I kept seeing news articles about such and such book published addressing COVID-19.

And I know for some people the novelty and scare of the disease have slowed, so maybe an article like this may feel outdated, but it’s still here. It‘s affecting lives. People are dying. And we must face its impact daily.

For me, the anxiety of it was overwhelming to the point where I was not ready to read about it in the beginning beyond the real world stuff, but now I think it could be cathartic for me. Perhaps, it may be for you as well.

So I decided to hunt down as many coronavirus books as I could. I’ll include ratings for the books I’ve actually read. Here is what I found:

Kids Books

There are a slew of kids’ books designed to help children understand the coronavirus and what it is and how to safeguard against it.

1. A Little Spot Stays Home

Spot is a dot that learns all kinds of important life skills, including social distancing.

2. Paula and the Pandemic

Paula learns how to be patient during the pandemic.

3. A Monster’s Guide to Life in A Pandemic

This blew my mind, but there is already a whole series of books about monsters learning specific COVID-related lessons. It’s amazing how quickly some people can work when it takes me years to write anything!

4. Why is Everything Closed?

While a lot of COVID children’s books are for educational purposes, this one seemed to be more about a few kids finding awesome ways to entertain themselves while stuck in quarantine. It sounded like a lot of fun!

YA Fiction

5. Kings of Quarantine

I kept seeing this book on Amazon, and it’s currently a bestseller with tons of reviews. I’ve never read any of these books, so I can’t vouch for their wholesomeness (I just thought it’d be fascinating to see what all exists), but this is apparently a book on the bully struggle pushed to the extreme taking place during a worsened version of a COVID-like disease. This book came out just a few weeks into the coronavirus, so either the author quickly pumped out a book or had crazy timing.

I also found a few cute looking romance books, but I didn’t know what I could vouch for, so you might have to do some of your own research.


Disease Stories

6. Like a Willow Tree

Okay, this book is by Lois Lowry, one of my all-time favorite authors, and it comes out in September. Do you see how everyone is wearing a mask on the cover? It looks eerily similar to what we are experiencing now and delves into the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. It’s all about one girl and how she grapples with her universe flipping upside down.

7. Lockdown

This is a book written fifteen years ago and rejected for being too unrealistic in its disease depiction. But, considering the current reality, it was finally released! It’s a thriller involving a whole world under quarantine because of a life-threatening disease.

8. Five Feet Apart

There is so much about this book that many people may not be able to relate to, but I think the idea of trying to have a romantic relationship while keeping five feet apart to protect each other‘s lives can resonate with many.


These are both books I have read and love (and can also give a content rating for). Yay!

9. The Kill Order

This book is a prequel to The Maze Runner, and I’ve been reading it during the day coronavirus. And I have to say, the experience is extra eerie with all the world is dealing with. It’s fascinating to see characters trying to stay apart from one another and wear masks and such. Also, this is one of the most unique takes on how the zombie disease came to be, slowly manipulated with time.

Rating-Level: PG-13H; for graphic violence, murder, thematic elements.

10. Blood Numbers

Of course, I have to mention one of my fave dystopians. This book takes place in a world after the pandemic, where the world is divided by those who are sick and those who donate blood to help the sick survive. It’s an angsty romantic story with lots of creepy elements, so, of course, I loved it.

Rating-Level: PG-13; Violence, mostly off-page, some mild innuendos.

Our world is combating the impacts of COVID. We don’t know how long it will go on, but sometimes fiction can be a source to turn to for understanding and cathartic escape.

Do you have any coronavirus-related book faves?

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