Editing Services

First Chapter Developmental Critiques 




Will your first line, page, and chapter hook a reader?

Scene/Story Structure

Does the story start where it should start?

Are you making promises  from the beginning about what the story entails?


Do I learn who the character is, what they look like, what they want, and what's stopping them in the first chapter?

Genre Expectations

Can your reader clearly identify the genre of the book based off the first chapter?

My first chapter services include a 3+ page letter of feedback on your chapter along with in-text commentary. You'll receive suggestions on story issues and writing techniques in order to improve your voice.



I work professionally for Eschler Editing. For other editing services, please hire me through Eschler Editing.


$80/per 1000 words

I have written over a hundred articles for various local and national blogs including The Boy Scout, MemberPress, Voice of Scouting, Daily Herald, and more. 

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