What do I mean when I call my books "unabashed"? 





not ashamed, disconcerted, or apologetic; boldly certain of one's position.



3 Facts About Me:

1. I am a professional editor and blogger. I've written hundreds of articles for national and local blogs. I've also worked in social media marketing. 

2. I have lived all across the USA: from a large brick home with woods in Georgia to a school bus transformed into an apartment in Utah. I've made friends from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. I've tried a variety of strange foods. 

3. The things I most value: faith and family. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.I'm also the oldest of seven kids, and I like my massive family. I'm married and prego with my third baby. 

Learn more about my personal faith:


My stories are sincere. 

While my characters (and most settings) are fictional, I believe deeply in the themes I portray---family, faith, choice and redemption, etc. 

I'm not ashamed to create characters with a variety of religious backgrounds. (The world is full of religiously diverse people. Why do so many books avoid a piece of culture that is such an intricate part of our lives? ) I'm also not apologetic that my books are void of sex and graphic violence.


I will continue to be bold and write stories I believe in. 


Other Projects

The Pageant 

Adele is considered trailer trash in a futuristic society where it's legal to terminate children up to three months after their birth. But when the blind infant her fosters care for faces death, Adele will do anything to save the child. Even if that means earning the money to adopt the kid herself by entering the world's largest beauty pageant, a cut-throat reality TV show with an agenda far darker than she could have imagined.

I unzip my raggedy Superman backpack and peer at the sparkling invitation shoved inside.

  Jack’s words twist around in my brain. All the contestants make plenty of money...It should be enough for whatever you want.

Maybe doing a beauty contest wouldn’t be so bad if it meant saving Baby’s life.

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Cliche Girl Saves the World

I am Cliche.




That’s my name and my purpose. I develop cliche pieces of a story. 


I live in Imagination Land with other story elements. It’s a small hidden city somewhere between reality and fiction, but if you think I’ll tell you where, think again. It’s hidden. 


Did you really think humans were clever enough to make stories on their own? Don’t feel bad. You do have some ideas, but we guide them. You know those moments of pure inspiration when it’s all so brilliant and out of nowhere, you can’t believe you have such pure genius inside of you?


Yeah...that’s us. 

--Cliche, Chapter 1